Flatline Transmissions
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Flatline Transmissions is the new planet Earth rocking project of the_gun, best known for his role as the guitarist/programmer for goth darlings The RaZor Skyline. With 3 full length albums released on Germany's COP International label and songs on a myriad of compiliations, The RaZor Skyline's music has been heard on dance floors and radio stations around the world.

Now he steps up to the mic and takes on the role of vocalist, adding his voice to the guitar driven, synthesizer based electro punk that is Flatline Transmissions, creating a sound that has been described as "one of the top examples of industrial and electro sound" and "one part David Bowie, one part Kraftwerk and throw in a smidgen of Japanese V-rock" . With a goal of bringing excitement back to live shows, he enlisted the help of RaZor Skyline's drummer Onyx and newcomer keyboardist Zo, along with former guitarist Trajik in August 2004.

They hit the stage with a fury, playing their first show in October at the San Francisco Tokyo Dark Castle Halloween party and winning the crowd over immediately with their catchy songs and command of the stage. Their 3rd show saw them playing with Faith and the Muse and Claire Voyant at San Francisco's legendary DNA Lounge.

Through their mutual friend, former Specimen and current Swoon drummer Tim Huthert, they were introduced to Mark Pistel, producer and former member of Consolidated, currently playing with Meat Beat Manifesto, who produced their demo CD in April, 2005.

From May of 2005 to August of 2006, Mark27 took over on guitar after Trajik left the band. No stranger to the scene, Mark27 had played and recorded with the likes of Assemblage23, The RaZor Skyline and Sunshine Blind, among others. With Mark onboard the band taped a show for cable access TV, played with Seattle's SMP, played San Francisco's legendary Bottom of the Hill and opened for Goth Legends Specimen in their 20th anniversary show at the DNA Lounge.

In August of 2006 Mark 27 went MIA and Onyx took some time off from the band, so Kitt Thompson was brought in on drums and Kevin Kalahike was brought in on bass to take the band in a more "live" (less electronic) direction. Their first show together was a roadtrip to Seattle to open for Snog at the Vogue in September. Since then, they have played a number of shows in San Francisco (including the Rockit Room) and San Jose. Plans are underway to record with the new line-up this summer.